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The best extremely portable espresso maker in the world.

It is an innovative simulator of high-pressure cooking coffee like a professional espresso machine.  

  • Super light, with only 350g

  • Very small, with only 10.5cm high

  • Hand pump with 18 bar pressure

  • Completly manual

    You don't need electricity or battery to brew espresso!
  • Easy to clean

    No water limes problems. You can separate all parts and clean it.
  • Built like a tank

    Made from metals and robust materials its crafting quality is second to none.

How to choose WACACO

  • Capsules or grind coffee?

    When you prefer capsules or you have not got a coffee grinder is MINIPRESSO good solution.
  • You love espresso?

    You only need fine grind coffee and hot water. There is your new, must have, coffee maker NANOPRESSO!
  • For professional results?

    PICOPRESSO is professional espresso machine, but for best results you need a good barista skils. 








How is the extraction and flavor?

  • The Picopresso, thanks to the wide commercial coffee basket and super-fine coffee grounds, produces an extraction akin to a lever espresso machine: rich, syrupy, and balanced.
  • The Nanopresso and the Minipresso has a full body and and well balanced flavor like original espresso. 

Does the portafilter use a pressurized head?

  • No, the Picopresso does not use a pressurized head. To achieve the best results, fine-tune the coffee grind size according to your shot’s flavor.  
  • Nanopresso and Minipresso use pressurized head to achive better results wiht brewing espresso. This mean you do not need to be very precise wiht choosing right grinding coffee.

Does the pumping require a lot of force?

  • At the max 18 bar pressure (261 psi) you will need to press the knob with a force equal to 13 kg (28.66 lbs). To easily apply that force, we recommend to hold WACACO espresso with two hands as instructed in our user guide.
Does the WACACO coffee maker heat up the water?
No. In order to make your coffee, you will have to fill the chamber with boiling water.
Is the WACACO coffee maker dishwasher safe?
No, but cleaning the espresso maker is fast and simple. Just carefully rinse the coffee basket and the shower head with running warm water and wipe with a humid cloth. After cleaning, let all the Picopresso parts dry separately.
Is the WACACO coffee maker microwave safe?
No. The Picopresso is designed with stainless steel parts that are not microwave safe.
Does the WACACO coffee maker meet safety standards?
Picopresso complies with major international safety approvals (FDA, EU, RoHS, LFGB, GB) regarding food contact materials. Plastic materials, in contact with food, used in the manufacturing of the Picopresso are listed BPA free.
Does WACACO coffee maker have a warranty?
We warrant the Picopresso against defects that are due to faulty materials or workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.
For Nanopresso and Minipresso we have 12 months warranty.

Do you ship internationally?
We ship only EU countries.

10,000+ Happy Customers around the world

This coffee maker is something out of this world. When you make coffee in the nature, you just realize that this is the proper way to do it. It's an unique experience and brings smiles to everyone. Thank you for your wonderful machine!

Mitja Jarc

I become Barista!

I definitely had some doubts what “espresso” the small appliance would spill … Well, it exceeded all my expectations! I was amazed with the quantity of the espresso - real espresso, almost like in Italian bar (and better than my home espresso machine) :)!
Of course, a good quality, properly ground coffee is needed too ;)

Milena G.

Surprisingly good espresso

I bought a nanopresso this year to bring on staycations as I literally can’t survive without my morning coffee, ask my family! This was a revelation simple to use and clean, easy to pack and it gave me coffee as good as, if not better than my home espresso machine. I bought the barista pack because I wanted double espresso, great addition. I couldn’t recommend enough- really good product well designed and made. Absolutely a keeper.

Karen S.

Absolutely a keeper.